Dictum Notifier 2.8 (SMS/E-Mail Alert)

Next Generation Enterprise Messaging Middleware Is Here Product
Version 1.7.3

Need for Consolidation And Centralization

Today inside a medium/large enterprise there are about 15-50 enterprise grade ICT systems deployed & used for running their customer facing, parnter facing and internal services. Communication is everywhere from transactions, logistic and inventory alerts, marketing, security alerts, information sharing, rvsps and many more internal and external service deliveries. Digital messaging channels like SMS, Email, IVR Call, USSD push, FAX etc are widely used, well established, highly competitive channels however they are not very unreliable and costly if your providers are not responsible and unable to cater for your demand. This can cause direct and indirect damage to business and most importantly brand reputation. Sadly most of today’s IT systems are build to support external gateways but due to lack of centralization and consolidation, different departments immediate needs, pre-configured preferred gateways creates an adhoc messaging delimma where enterprises pay much more in licensing, support, message costing. Above and beyond this, current approach introduces too many failure points for you to manage.

Dictum Notifier @rescue

With this mess in messaging happening with your business, we have build best-suited solution, Dictum Notifier, to address to these “old-way-of-doing-things” problems. It is quick to deploy, simple to configure, stream-lined, self learning, high performance & scalable, reliable messaging & notification software based middleware platform, that not only resolves above problems but also it addresses many more problems beyond basic messaging (in mentioned in below sections). Dictum Notifier is intended to deliver value by reduction in effort and cost along with workflow automation, reduce manual steps, give aggregation and consolidation with right balance of policy enforcement. It is innovative self-aware system with automation and intelligence for what to do when to do. Dictum Notifier will help you focus on your business more and help your struggling IT department to keep up with growing need of messaging with least cost, effort and time. Lets check out the salient features for you to enjoy.

Multiple Gateway Support

Dictum Notifier most important fundamental feature is aggregation and consolidation of messaging 3rd party gateways. With plug and play design, it offers default support for standard interfaces for SMS, EMAIL, E-FAX, IVR and USSD. It can be extended to any new/custom protocol like Restful API, AMPQ, MQTT, XMPP, HTTP, FTP, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more without any effort and time. It also offers dual gateway configuration option for each messaging type to give fail over option to ensure your business does not suffer any downtime. This feature makes all enterprise applications and human users (accessing thru’ dashboard) independent of specific gateway/vendor. This freedom enables you to change the gateway without changing any application. Popular providers like Twilio, Mexcom, Macrokiosk, RouteSMS, Clickatell, EFAX, Gmail, Amazon Email, ComboPay, Nexmo are default supported gateways.


Dictum Notifier not only brings wide variety of choice but it also brings innovation in messaging to bring cost down for your messaging and communication need. It enforces system policies, reduces time, saves money, protects brand, simplifies integration and brings the best value to systems as well as humans. There is value beyond just sending messages in form of automation as well as reliability and value added features