AXIOM Protect

brings wide variety of choice but it also brings innovation in security to bring cost down for identity protection. It enforces highest grade of security for high risk as well as high volume transactions. Multiple applications can be supported with single multiple layered authentication platform.




Online Theft and Frauds
Electronic form of banking and trading (web, mobile, faceless, card not present) faces serious identity theft and transaction fraud. In 2011-2012, above USD 1 billion have been stolen worldwide from online identity theft and card not present frauds. Apart from monetary loss, banks also face brand damage, customer confidence drops and additional administrative and legal work for each theft reported.
Needed Solution
Globally Central Banks are mandating their Banks and Financial Institutes to offer higher and stronger grade of identity protection to their corporate, retail and other digital channels. The Strong authentication in form of One Time Password Tokens, SMS Transaction Code, and Digital Certificates should be used to address to PAIN (Privacy, Authentication, Integrity and Non Repudiation.
One Size does not fit all
With growth in online banking from thousands to millions customers ranging from retail consumer, high net worth individuals, corporate users, stock traders and investors etc. The need for each application or channel is different from others. Cost, Comfort and Cool Factor (lifestyle) are 3 important deciding factors from user’s perspective for chose which security token they would chose.
Administration, Cost and Regulation
Guidelines are 3 critical factors for application owner to decide what security form they wish to roll out. Typically Bank shall have 10-15 consumer facing, enterprise facing, Bank To Bank and Internal applications that need Strong Protection. Deciding for each application becomes a herculean task for Application Owner and IT Team to manage.
Axiom Protect 2.8 gives
is multiple layered identity protection platform that offers multiple application with their own choice of authentication and transaction protection. OATH and PCIDSS compliant management platform comes with 10 forms of tokens to choose from. Axiom offers Hardware (Mini and PIN Pad), Software (Mobile and Web) and Clientless (SMS, Voice and USSD) for One Time Password based Strong Authentication. To address to non repudiation requirement, Axiom offers Innovative Mobile PKI Token and conventional Hardware PKI (USB Token and Smart Card Reader) for high net worth and corporate customers. Axiom offers End To End Encryption SDK, Mobile One Time Password and Mobile PKI Digital Signing SDK for any web, desktop, enterprise and especially mobile application to use these identity protection features. Axiom exposes Secure Web Services over SOAP and REST-API for easy integration and usage. It supports 3-tier deployment architecture with plug and play high availability and disaster recovery configuration. It is available as appliance or software based on the customer preference.
Available as Service OR On-Premise
AXIOM Protect is available over Cloud for small enterprises and Off-The-Shelf product for larger deployment. Agent is available as silent mode too for no interface experience to users. AXIOM Protect stored data up to 3 years for audit review.