Hospitality & Hotel

Hotel Group Organizational Development


Managing a hotel group with different categories of targeted clientele is one of the most challenging task. It is also very important for the entire organization to have a set of operating procedures, and that the human capital is in place and in line with the development.

This organization development program is planned for 3-4 years. It s divided into three main areas, and they are:

  • Developing Operational Systems and Procedures
  • Developing Organizational Human Capital
  • Bringing the Organization to a different level of positioning, in the market place.

The entire development program may take 3 to 4 years. This is also dependent on the adaptability and acceptance of the senior management team, and also the commitment from the entire organization. It is also important for the Board Of Directors to be part of this development – so as to understand the flow and the significance of the development program. Upon completion of this project – the system, processes, and technology transfer will be accomplished.