Cardzone Sdn Bhd

One of the leading providers of Card Management System consulting services, is a Malaysia-based private limited company established since 2008.

We emphasize on design, development and deployment of financial message switching and card management system products for all kinds of card programs e.g. Credit Card, Debit/ATM Card, Loyalty Card, Pre-Paid Card, Fleet Card, Gift Card etc.

Our flagship products – Cardzone CMS is a complete suite of products designed for the mission-critical payment card business. It uses latest Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology to provide a cost-effective, reliable and robust solution for the card issuers and acquirers.

Our customers are banking and financial services institutions, large merchant organizations, service providers and solution providers in and outside Malaysia.

We manage each of our client relationships with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, confidentiality, tact and urgency.

Cardzone’s mission is to be a success business and technology leader in online transactions, with special emphasis on payment transaction processing solutions.



CARDZONE SWITCH is a flexible Payment Card Switch for acquiring and routing of authorization transaction from multiple touch points like ATM, POS, Kiosk, Mobile, IVR and Internet.


CARDZONE CREDIT is a comprehensive CMS for banks to enter and manage Visa and MasterCard Credit Card business efficiently with rich functionality


CARDZONE DEBIT supports banks in issuing of ATM/Debit Cards in magnetic stripe or EMV Chip format.


CARDZONE FRAUD MGMT has system as well as user definable rules with online fraud detection with flexible alert options


CARDZONE POSC allows banks to manage their card acceptance business at merchant locations efficiently via flexible acquiring transaction profiling and pricing features



CARDZONE ATMC is a Robust and reliable ATM Controller for driving and monitoring a network of NDC+ ATMs



CARDZONE LOYALTY is a bank-wide or region-wide loyalty management solutions that features very flexible promotion campaigns, points granting criteria and gift item redemption



CARDZONE PPM Instalment program have different plans for different occasions eg Merchant Instalment Plan, Flexi Payment Plan and Balance Transfer

Cardzone Core Business

Cardzone Sdn Bhd provides turn-key solutions to customers using our own brand of Card Management System Cardzone CMS:

Issuing Functionality includes:

  • Product Management

Management of the type of cards accepted (card plans, account types and card schemes) and product rules (fees, transaction limits and others)

  • Origination

Application processing, customer profiling, scoring, credit bureau integration and account setup

  • Card Issuing

Provisioning the physical support of the payment instrument (plastic card printing, personalization, distribution and others)

  • Relationship Management

System records payment products, customer and account management, customer service statement production and communication, collections, dispute management, renewal, replacements, and reward programs

  • Operational Risk Management

Key management, internal, customer and store fraud prevention, foreign exchange risk for cross-border payments, and business continuity

  • Transaction Management

Channel delivery (point of sale [POS], Internet and automated teller machine [ATM]), authentication, authorization, switching and settlement

  • Portfolio Management

Financials and governance, such as key metrics (active card ratio, transaction cost and so on), analytics and modeling

Acquiring Functionalities includes:

  • Origination

Management of independent sales organizations (ISOs), application processing, merchant profiling, credit bureau integration, account and terminal setup and merchant settlement

  • Relationship Management

Systems of record (payment services, merchant service, statement production, communication, payment, dispute management, terminal maintenance and replacements, agreement termination, and reporting

  • Operational Management

Channel management, including managing device connection and setup (POS, ATM, contact center and so on)

  • Risk Management

Fraud prevention, monitoring and business continuity

  • Transaction Management

Acquirer transaction interface, switching, host interfaces (bank, switch and device), authorization, exception management and reconciliation mechanisms, and settlement

  • Portfolio Management

Financials and governance, such as key metrics (sign-up rate, transaction cost and so on), analytic and modeling