XPAY 2.0

Next generation consolidated payment platform, Express Payment (XPAY), gives complete merchant, end user and money keeper a simple, security experience for collect, store and send money Xpay handles everything, including multiple payment options, user authentication, securely storing card details, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account. XPAY for web, mobile and cards lets you build your own payment forms with its plug and play, end to end 3 tier system architecture.


Comfort, Choice and Commerce
In today’s world where 90% customers live life style where they carry smart phones and plastic cards. Comfort and Choice are crucial for customer to choose their service providers including banks and mobile operators. Online shopping, Cash on Delivery, Credit Card Swiping are part of our live Online and Offline payments. In this world with multiple payment options user accesses commerce and banking through multiple devices ? Desktops, Laptops, Android Tabs, iPads and Android, Windows and iPhones etc. Customers have become savvier and their needs have changed for doing commerce and making payments.


Innovation for changing times
Andorid, iOS, Bada (Samsung) never existed 5 years back. Cost of hardware devices have reduced and more & more applications are changing our every day live. Today and future demands innovation in domain on banking and commerce too. Users demand simple, secure and any-time-any-where payment options. They demand now not just credit card but other micro or digital payment options to manage their finances and lifestyle.


They wish to have payments for online and offline transactions
where they can use multiple payment options over WEB as well as fastest growing MOBILE. Keeping user demands in mind, we have developed an innovative solution with state-of-art Security, simplified User Interface and best possible Return On Investment through our Express Payment 2.0 platform (XPAY 2.0) for web and mobile. Multiple payment options can be enabled for varied choice of authentication options and enforcement of policy-profiles.


Merchants are Revenue Booster
In the trillions dollar industry, merchants play the most important role in next commerce. New, smaller merchants are creating products and services that create more potential to be tapped into. However merchant management and transaction reconciliation is quiet effortful tasks that are the bottleneck choke points esp. for online commerce. XPAY 2.0 gives complete end to end merchant and transaction platform with self service interface from merchant registration, transaction management, and source management to enable Collect, Store and Send in less than 1 day including application approval. Donation, Discount, Bulk Uploads, Disputed Transactions, Real Time Alerts and Strong Authentication Enforcement are all unmatched salient features of XPAY 2.0 platform.


Payment Widget for Web and Mobile
Ensured with end to end encryption, device profiling, digital signature, strong authentication, XPAY 2.0 Payment Widget enables any Web and Mobile application to have payments enabled. It takes less than 10 minutes to add XPAY 2.0 Widget into merchant application. Once added, from payment mode to approval all is handled by XPAY 2.0 system.


Ubiquious Card Reader for PC, Tabs and Phones
For Collection On Delivery, Micro & Hybrid Money Collection using Credit Card Or ATM Cards etc, mobile merchants can use our first in the world, innovative EMV Certified XPAY Mobile Reader to convert their smart phone like iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10, Mac & Windows Laptop into a Payment Kiosk.